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Update on remote learning for BGE pupils

From Monday 25th January we are moving towards using Satchel One to engage with BGE pupils. This will allow us to continue to provide tasks for pupils but also offers us the ability to provide feedback. You should already have received an email about this but if you require more information then please see the links below. The Wallace Hall Learning HUB will remain available for those pupils looking for extension work.

Parent’s guide to Satchel One

Pupil’s guide to Satchel One

Welcome to the Wallace Hall Learning Hub

The Wallace Hall Learning Hub has been created to support S1, S2 and S3 learners working from home. Please select the Curricular Area you would like to learn about from the options above. Once you have chosen this, you will be able to see the various subjects within this area – click the subject to see the work from that area.

As part of some web pages, links are provided to other sites on the Internet. While we make every endeavour to ensure that the information on these sites is accurate, ultimate responsibility for their content, lies with the authors of the sites concerned, and not with the school. Wallace Hall ELC, Primary and Academy cannot be held responsible for material on any linked site.

Struggling to plan out your day?

One of the biggest challenges that everyone is facing right now is keeping busy and having a structure to their days. At school this is easy as we are told when we have to be in, what classes to go to and little things like how long we have for break and lunch.

A useful thing that can help you organise your day a little better is a weekly timetable. This is very similar to your school timetable but you obviously have to take a lot more into account, such as: breaks, eating, exercise, relaxation, family time etc. Click the link below to download a blank timetable that could help plan your days!

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