The tasks listed below have been designed to be completed by learners who are working from home. Below the title of each task there is an indication of which learners the task is suitable for.

This section will feature tasks from Physical Education & Home Economics for learners to work through. Click the subject to go there:

– PE – HE

PE can be found on Page 1, HE on Page 2, these can be selected at the bottom of the page.

Physical Education

SALs – Work is colour coordinated to show which SAL pupils shall be working on in each task – This can be found in the download below.

Daily Content – This is the SATPE worksheet that is relevant to that day.

Beat the teacher = Pupils to video themselves attempting a challenge which will be attempted by a teacher
Fitness Challenge = Pupils to do fitness related video – circuit/boxing/yoga/meditating
Videos = Pupils can watch videos related to SALs of the week

Weekly SALs Theme – These are the SALs we are focussing on each week

The timeline for this week’s tasks can be found here:

Previous Tasks

Below is the list of previous tasks which were set for pupils.

PE Task 1: Physical Education Worksheets
– Suitable for all S1 – S3 Learners
– Each task should take 30 mins

Pupils should use the timeline to work their way through the correct sheets and task. If you get stuck on a certain question or don’t understand the task, attempt to answer or just move onto the next question/sheet.

PE Task 2: Physical Education Workout
– Suitable for all S1- S3 Learners
– Various activities and task times

If you have access to YouTube, Joe Wicks workout videos are able to be performed at home. There are lots of different ones available working on abs, legs and full body workouts. His channel is linked below:


Food a Fact for Life Resources
– Suitable for all Learners
– Various Resources

Between the 30 March and the 1 September 2020 this website will be posting activity ideas and resources to support remote learning at home. These are for parents/carers, teachers and pupils.

It will consist of a series of activities and resources will be posted, supporting learning via:

  • everyday experiences;
  • keeping active;
  • finding out and exploring;
  • using worksheets;
  • making the most of interactive games;
  • cooking;
  • being creative. 

There are workbooks, journals, posters etc that can be downloaded and a HUGE selection of really good, useful ideas.


PE Work Timeline

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